Friday, March 22, 2013

My Radio Page Using Blogger

InkPost Radio
On Blogger, I decided that I would organize and make my own radio page. Blogger had the perfect layout for my podcast. I love the layout design using the flip card design. The pictures from my podcasts are very small, and I'm hoping when I have time to fill the page. It feels good to be able to have your own space and publish things the way you like to. Blogger gives everyone that freedom. I really have fun with Blogger, and I love making blogs. Blogger allows you to publish the way you like and they don't mind you using ads. Some blog publishing services may not allow it. That is what makes Blogger the best. However, with the style that I used, I do not see how I can use ads like I can with a regular layout page. But you know Blogger, they will probably add more later.

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  1. It is a fantastic and beneficial thing.That you decided and organized to make your own radio page. Defiantly blogger had the perfect layout for your podcast.
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