Friday, May 23, 2014

Lawsuit for Google AdSense

If you have been reading the news, you may have seen the headlines that Google AdSense is facing lawsuit for fraud. In my opinion, Google AdSense's rules are too strict for many of us to use. The program was a good idea for the fact that Google AdSense gave us the chance to make money. However, many of us lost money by our accounts being disable. Some of us never got the money so we really didn't loose anything. How can you loose what you never had? When I saw the check, that's when I was able to say I had the money.

Google AdSense looks out for their advertisers the most. They do not want to make any mistakes, but it's unfair to the publishers the way things are done. I think Google AdSense is a type of program meant only for Google and the money. They can put the ads out there and make money for themselves. Google plans to show ads through your thermostat and car. They do not have to worry about anyone but themselves. The company can break and make their own rules. Hits and clicks on ads do not seem to work for the rest of us. We need something that we can get paid to do without all of the hassle and worry about crazy click fraud. Look at where it has gotten Google. It has got them a lawsuit. Ideas are fine, but when we see that the idea is not working out involving other people, we should try to make things better right away. We should send out notices and give explanation on why something is happening. Some folks never knew why their accounts were disabled. So now there is lawsuit. I think Google needs a new idea for ads. Something that will be better for them and all of the people. I think we should simply get paid for using their ads and putting them up on our sites. We should have a set pay for helping them advertise their ads. Forget all of the hits and clicks. People need jobs. A job is something more sure and real.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blogger Stories Need Previews on Twitter

The previews for articles and stories are important. When I share a link to my blogger stories on Twitter, all that is shown is a long link. People may easily by pass it. Previews help a lot so that the people will know what they are going to read and see. Having pictures in your previews help a lot if you have photos to share too. The previews to your stories would help attract people to your stories. Not only that, but your tweets to your stories can be embedded and shared as well.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Google Plus Pages Need Shorter Links and More

Google Plus Pages need shorter links so the links won't appear so long. For example, 
is pretty long. If we wanted to share our links on Twitter, it certainly would save some space if the links were shorter.

Google Plus allows us to embed, but it doesn't seem to be working or showing up on my blogs. Maybe it will get better in the future. Embedding and linking helps out a lot when you want to draw people to your site and to get viewers interested in what you are posting at your profile.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lost and How Google Street View Helped Me

Today, I went out to find my way to the imaging center. The whole area is full of doctors. I went around in a circle and passed right by the imaging center. The area where it is located is like a maze to me, and I don't visit the area that often. It's hard to concentrate when other cars are following you. You try not to hold up anyone, and people get mad and honk the horn. So that threw me off from really finding my way. When I returned home, I found the imaging center on Google map's street view. First, I found the building that was located across from the imaging center and it was on the right. I thought, how could I have missed it? Google Street View helped me to know where to turn the next time I see one particular building across from the imaging center. It gave me a chance at home to think about where I'll be going when I go visit the imaging center again. I will be practicing in my mind.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Google Sites and Google Plus Should Be Combined

At Google Sites, you can make your website look like a newspaper and write columns. In my opinion, I think Google Sites and Google Plus should be combined. Read More...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Could Google Plus Be a New Way to Blog?

Could Google Plus be a new way to blog? Sometimes I think about writing short articles there. Could it be the place for you to use Google Adsense and Adwords on your pages in the future? You can share everything on Google Plus from photos to videos, writing, and links. I'm falling more and more in love with Google Plus.

Will There be Embedding?

It would be nice if we could embed our posts to blogs from Google Plus. It would also be nice if we could embed to Google Plus. But I guess the links takes care of all the embedding on Google Plus though it's not exactly the same.

Will There be Podcasts?

Google doesn't seem to care much for Podcasts. They never allowed us to upload audio. It would be nice if we could upload audio and choose a picture to go with it.

I think Google Plus is great for bloggers, photographers, and film-makers. I'm glad Google Plus was created and hope that it will be around for a long time.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Enjoying Google Plus

Google Plus is a great place to hang out. I'm really enjoying it. To me, it's still like having Google Reader. It is where I share my idea of the InkPost. It's like having my own online newspaper.

With Google Plus, you can make as many pages as you want. I have two pages so far. One page is for InkPost Radio where I share my podcast and share with online radio. The other page is Color Wheel where I share my trading cards and labels to my blog in different categories. There I share with others also that have the same interest.

My main page is all about news. I like to share with the Los Angeles Times and Google. Give Google Plus a try today and especially if you have a business.

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